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My name is Rokas Aleliunas, also known as Casual Polar Bear. Welcome to my creative journey! I am a professional illustrator with a passion for daily artistic exploration. I have been diligently working on a poster, which has gradually evolved into an illustration, every day for over six years. Although I am still creating on a daily basis, I have recently decided to stop posting every single piece I make. That is precisely why this website exists - to showcase my daily work without any compromises, encompassing both the good and the bad.

Additionally, I am available for various creative projects and commissions. If you are in need of a professional illustrator to bring your ideas to life: from book cover illustrations to editorial projects, from branding designs to character creations, I have experience in bringing ideas to life across a wide range of mediums. I would be more than happy to discuss how we can collaborate. Don't hesitate to reach out and let's create something amazing together!

About shop

Here, you will find a carefully curated collection of posters available for purchase as prints. I frequently update the poster shop, so don't hesitate to make a purchase. The poster you may have liked could be taken off the shop or there is a piece you liked, but cannot find, please reach out at [email protected] and I will help you out.

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Art is my mirror, reflecting the intricate tapestry of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I am met with the raw honesty that art demands. Each stroke, each color choice, becomes a reflection of the depths within me, unveiling layers of my inner world. The canvas becomes a sacred space where I confront my joys, my sorrows, and the complexities of being human. It is through this intimate process that I discover more about myself, unraveling the complexities that lie beneath the surface. Art becomes the language through which I communicate with my own soul, as well as with those who encounter my work. It is a mirror that invites introspection, encouraging viewers to seek their own truths and engage in a profound dialogue with themselves. Through art, I find solace, growth, and the remarkable ability to connect on a deeply personal level.