Hi! My name is Rokas Aleliunas, a.k.a. Casual Polar Bear, and I’m someone who appreciates art. Art is connection. Have you ever felt a need to capture an experience or express a thought in something other than words but couldn’t find the way? That’s what my work is about. Every piece has a story behind it, however big or small – yet the story can be as individual as the person looking at it. If you see yourself in the artwork, the story becomes yours.

I bring it in a professional way. Years of practice built not only skill but also a distinct, authentic style. As a professional illustrator, I have worked on various creative projects, but a poster is the longest one to date. I’ve been creating a poster a day, every day, for the past six years – and counting. Selected works show what’s new and best. The art journey’s gallery holds every single piece I’ve made. There, you can see the unposted works – and maybe find your own story among them.

Through art, I explore myself and the human condition. Through art, viewers explore themselves, too. Art allows us to connect both sides: the self and the community, the artist and the viewer. That feeling you get when you discover a piece you love – that’s connection.

Happy discovering.